Sunday, September 11

Where Were You?

I was in Mr Carpenter's math class. And after the initial loudspeaker announcement we really didn't talk about it anymore, so I absolutely did not understand what was going on, until later in Ms. Gutteridge's gym class and that was probably when I heard about the Pentagon and the other plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.Then after lunch there were enough TVs on that you could be watching the news. And then we went home and watched the news. It was definitely a little scary.  I remember that KISS 108 didnt play any music that day just more news.

Where were you?

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  1. I was in the locker room and it was really hard to hear the loudspeaker, so i did not understand what was happening, but in my next class the teacher just turned on the tv so we could all watch the news. After school, I watched MTV news all day with my oldest brother, because it was the news source we were most comfortable with.

  2. I was in Mr Twombley's English class, and since I am on the west coast it was already noon on the east coast. We didn't discuss Romeo and Juliet that day. We watched the news.

  3. I was in Italian class (ironic) and we were in the middle of a quiz. Someone mentioned something about it as Mrs. Rehm was passing out the exams and she told us to be quiet because exams were on our desk. After the announcement, we were told to finish the exam but like, 3 kids were silently crying because their parents worked in NYC.

    We were not allowed to watch TV or listen to the radio. We closed and sent everyone home around 11AM. I watched the news in silence with my Dad and waited for our phone to ring to make sure our family came home. My cousin Ernestine walked out of the city from Manhattan and we picked her up, covered in ash.

    - fp

  4. I was in Mrs. Healy's class at Abbot, sixth grade English. I remember teachers kept coming in and out of the room and not really understanding at all what was going on. We watched a bit of the news on the TV, and then everyone got sent home early.
    I remember watching the news with mom (not MTV with Alice and Andy)and wondering why she looked so upset...I had no idea what it all meant. It felt more like a movie than real life.