Wednesday, July 20

The Amazing Spiderman Official Trailer

Comic-Con is almost upon us so all sorts of projects hoping to appeal to the geeky masses are releasing footage. The Dark Knight Rises trailer played before Harry Potter. Hunger Games has a new poster. And now the official trailer for The Amazing Spiderman is online. The reboot has a new director, new actors and a darker vision, that is reported to include more practical effects as opposed to CG effects, which makes the last 30 seconds of the trailer a little unfortunate, as they look more like a videogame than the excellent and low-tech exploding cafe scene in Inception. But I have faith. Mostly because how can two talented, good looking, super human beings do wrong?

See for yourself:

What do you think?

ps. Ryan Gosling is willing to lift anyone over his head as long as they'll do their part in the lift. Even Al Roker.
pps. yes, I included that link just so I could have as many of favorite lables as possible on this post. in fairness, that man cardigan is sick.
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  1. that spiderman will probably be great. And emma stone is amazing so thatll be awesome. i wonder what is going on with peter's parents. yea the last few seconds looked like a videogame. ryan gosling might be the most charming person since jt

  2. I feel like they could have waited at least another 5+ years before they remade a movie with the exact same plot. I do love emma stone though.

  3. I just wrote a whole comment that got deleted. Fudgesicles.


    JV: Really? JT the Southern born Class A poon hound? Versus weird and quirky cardigan-ROCKING Canadian born RG? Not since...before. Both started Mickey Mouse Club at the same time but Ryan Gosling was dreamier so he got paired with Keri Russell for dances all the time.

    (sorry, I get defensive of Ryan Gosling to anyone after three beers)

    Also, Jill, youre totes right. Emma Stone and the guy from the facebook movie kick ass but...between a failed Broadway show and Tobey Maguire spiderman can take a back seat for a while.

    - fp