Saturday, July 23

Rockstars die at 27

When Amy Winehouse was found dead today, after gasping aloud, our first thought was "Was she 27?" because rockstars die when they are 27.

My favorite Jimi Hendrix song is "The wind cries Mary."

No one sings Summertime better than "Janis Joplin," with a little help from Jimi.

 I can't think of a Doors song I don't like; everyone loves "Alabama Song," obviously.

I always knew I liked Nirvana, as far back as I can remember. I could only get to them through the radio for the longest time. Until I finally got a hold of their greatest hits album freshman year of high school. My favorite song is "Lithium."

And ever a rockstar, Amy has joined the infamous 27 club. It's songs like "Me and Mr Jones" that make me really sad about this.

- V
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  1. i fucking LOVED amy winehouse. i am so sad she never made a third album. i've been listening to all her stuff on grooveshark today. me & mr jones is great. i also like fuck me pumps from her first album (frank) & tears dry on their own.

    my all time favorite is love is a losing game:

    damn girl. you were amazing. hope you're resting well.