Thursday, July 14

Jimmy Fallon deciphers Celebrity Whispers

I've probably already tried to get you to watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He wears great suits, his house band is the Roots, and there's a whole slew of terrific running bits. From impersonations (my fave is Robert is Bothered) to show parodies (Jersey Floor and Late (lost)) to weekly bits like Late Night #Hashtags and Thank You Notes, the writers at Late Night are doing work to make the show super awesome and current.

It just got nominated for a few Emmys so now seems as good a time as any to start watching.

Here's a clip from a recent show. It's called Celebrity Whispers, they voice over video of celebrities talking to each other without mics.

Just DVR a few episodes and see what you think. You won't regret it.


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  1. LOL
    "Its my new makeup. Its really sticky."

    Jimmy Fallon has some great writers for this show. He's totally underrated.

    - fp

  2. Haven't watched his show yet but if it is half as good as his Ben&Jerry's ice cream flavor ( Late Night Snack) then it will be awesome.