Sunday, July 17

WPA Artwork

The Federal Arts program lasted from August 29, 1935 til June 30, 1943. As a part of the Works Project Administration the Federal Arts Program employed artists to provide art for non federal buildings.

I learned about this in maybe Mr. Haren's 11th grade history class and more recently Wikipedia then had not really thought about it. I occasionally would come accross a mural and then I noticed my boss's calendar which has different national parks as drawn by WPA artists. My favorites are the Sequoia National Park
  and Yellowstone.

Also everyone should go see HP7.2 it is amazing. Horrible Bosses was also very funny.
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  1. they should do this again on all sorts of buildings, it'd be sick.

  2. Can you order prints of those? That yellowstone park poster is what's sick. - fp