Thursday, July 21

The Jersey Shore Comeback or Get out of my Face Jersey Shore

You either love it or hate it but either way the Jersey Shore is coming back for another round , this time from Italy. I didn't really get as much of a kick out of the last season but I just came across this video and it's just way to awful yet hilarious not to share. I apologize in advance for posting and tainting our blog with muff cabbage

Click here for the real Jersey Shore Season Four Italy Trailer. My eyes just watered. I'm embarassed.

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  1. I loved it. I could pros watch every episode in mute with the guy talking over it

  2. That is hilarious, sammi is such an idiot

  3. So The Sitch gets KTFO by Ronnie. Dont mess with a brotha on roids

  4. I was in Florence a month ago and ran into the crew filming the Situation, Sammi, and Pauly D eating gelato. Awesome. Maybe I will be in this season...the girl what the hat on in the background pigging out on gelato.

  5. I'm still laughing


  6. im so jealous of KZ's jersey sighting in italy. also, i want gelato.

    ALSO that guy's sammi made me die. she suucks.