Friday, July 1

4th of July

What's up everyone? Our nations Independence day is approaching soon and as much as things are wrong with the world and our respective political parties there is still  one thing we can all agree on; fireworks=awesome. I'm not talking about the Katy Perry song but the actual explosives. So to get everyone hyped over something that doesn't involve epic Hogwarts battles here is a video of some slow-mo shots of explosives blowing up a jar of mayo and some jell-o to name a few. Enjoy the vid and make sure to be a true blue American come the 4th and enjoy some stellar fireworks while enjoying a bratwurst, a hot dog, a cheeseburger, and a steak all on the same plate!

 - sf

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  1. that was awesome, I feel super patriotic right now.

  2. The red thing imploding at 51 seconds is my fav. The song is so perfect i love it