Sunday, July 24

Baby Animal Adorableness

After Amy Winehouse joining the 27 club yesterday I wanted to look at some adorable pictures. Baby animals did just the trick. These were my favorites.

Baby Pandas start off looking really weird. They are all pink and hairless and they don't open their eyes for weeks. Then the amazing adorable magic stick gives them a beating and pandas like this little guy start warming hearts all over the world.
Someday this tiger will be totally scary looking, or maybs we just got lucky because while I was looking for the most adorable little tiger this mofo kept being around and scaring the bejeesus outta me. Luckily this little guy was there to adorable up the whole scary situation.
Oh My God baby zebras. Mohawk, check, Stripes, check, Wobbly legs, check. Like horses only more fashionable zebras know a thing or two about looking good and this little guy shows that they start the good looking parade early.

Then there is live action adorableness. This sloth yawns and the whole world gets brighter. 

Other adorable baby animals include elephants, sea turtles, and dolphins.

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  1. awesome way to start the day. baby zebras just jumped to the top of my adorable list.

  2. seriously, this is THE BEST way to start a saturday. awesome, adorable. i love baby elephants so much

  3. FYI, that "tiger" is actually a mountain lion. You can tell by the distinctive marks above his eyes and on his nuzzle.