Monday, July 11

Turquoise Jeep Records

I hope that by now everyone has seen this. If not, you must watch before reading any further.

The screenshot alone should be enough to get you to watch this.

Young Humma and the Turquoise Jeep Records team have been coming up with these amazing 1990's ghetto-ass songs for about a year. One day, they were too broke to fix their torquoise Jeep, so they created some YouTube videos to hopefully make enough hits that someone would notice them, help them get Internet Famous and then, they wouldn't be broke anymore.

It worked.

Rappers on their "record label" include such amazing names as DJ Tummiscratch and Watchamacallit performing classic songs like:

Shuyamouf (Just say it out loud)

Fried or Fertilized 

Their entire record is available for download on iTunes. I highly suggest it.

Now, IMHO the only actually talented guy to come out of this is a man named Flynt Flossy. He is a rapper/beat artist that has the sweetest dance moves I've seen in a long time. Wish I had those skills. This is his single, I Like to Dance and he has an actual dance instructional DVD coming out this year.


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  1. I had to say "Shuyamouf" outloud like 8 times before i got it. So white.

  2. I like that dance song. It won me over.

  3. the dance song is also my fav. but i downloaded all of these songs for fun. thanks fp!

  4. "Smang it" is now officially part of my vocabulary.