Monday, July 25


These past few days, Comin-Con has been in full swing in San Diego.

If you don't know what Comic-Con is, it's the Mecca for comic book fans (as well as numerous other pop culture mediums) and anyone who ever liked superhero stories. It's the biggest convention in America.

Usually they will have panels of new superhero movies with the director, the actors, writers, and tons of famous people go yearly.  A lot of press conferences also take place, where big news is announced for movies and what not. I usually hear about this news, but don't really pay attention to the convention itself. However I came across this video, that shows a heartfelt Andrew Garfield showing everyone that the most famous people can still be pretty cool nerds.

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  1. They should use this video as the trailer for the amazing spiderman. who could say no to that little boy grinning and beating on his chest with happiness?

  2. I love how he talks about spider-man like he is jesus, I'm wicked excited for this movie as long as that running clip from the end of the preview isn't in it which I'm sure it won't be.

  3. god damn he has a great accent.