Friday, July 15

Lets discuss HP7

If you haven't seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, what?  Seriously? It's been out for almost 16 hours now. Get off your ass.

I am bursting to discuss it. So, I'd like to propose that IN THE COMMENTS SECTION of this post, we discuss what we saw, heard, experienced, and lived for for the last few days, weeks, months and 13 years.



P.S.  This picture is brilliant.

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  1. SAW it and loved it. No, I was not dressed up. But I did see it in 3D and the glasses the theater gave us were HP glasses. sweet.

  2. Ok some bullet points. I'll open at the close here:

    -The Epilogue, I was supremely worried about how they were going to do it. I think they knew the final shot couldn't be three adults no one knew. I was also scared they were going to totally try to CGI some stuff. But in the end, I was impressed with the make up here and there and the attitude of, "you know what we're going for here" and didn't look half bad.

    -The Battle for Hogwarts, cinematically rivals the Battle of Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I've heard many comments that say Hogwarts wins.

    - Voldemort walking through Gringotts, blood just EVERYWHERE. Awesome.

    -Neville coming from the side and killing Nagini was such a BAMF move. What a great guy.

    -The shot where Harry came back into Hogwarts through the tunnel from Aberforth's, Neville revealing him, everyone cheering and John William's original score coming back to welcome him, gave me some INTENSE chills.

    I don't want to say too much to allow anyone else to bring stuff up. But I NEED to talk about Alan Rickman's acting in the Pensieve sequence. That's where the tears starting flowing. No joke. It was rough.

    -When he first had Harry grab his tears and that commented on him having Lily's eyes, Harry's reaction was perfect.
    -Just to see him break from his stiff self and act like a child in denial about Lily's death, unreal.
    -The shot of him holding Lily's body, with Harry in the background, both weeping sent me completly over the edge. Just tears.

    Sorry, I really just needed to get that out.


  3. So glad you brought up Helm's Deep because that is exactly what I said. Epic. Also, the kiss (Ron and Hermione) took me by complete surprise and I loved it....Daniel Radcliffe needs kissing lessons however and adult Daniel Radcliffe looked a little too pedophile for me but the rest were believable.

  4. It was one of the best action movies I have ever seen
    They made the magic cone accross as real and dangerous
    Voldemort giving malfoy the best hug in the history of film
    The absolute bad assity of riding the dragon out of the bank and then not even really being able to be excited about it for long cuz then THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS which is so much better than anything in lord of the rings or any other movie with a castle
    The expectations for this movie were as high as they could possibly be and it delivered like whoa
    Holy shit the actor playing Neville fucking killed it
    The line about finding Luna is delivered perfect
    I loved it
    And then the epilogue everyone in the theater got to laugh at seeing everyone right away
    And the movie gave you enough time to laugh and then brought it home perfect
    Closing on Ron Harry and hermione was great
    BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR and probs the best thing since Vicky Christina Barcelona

  5. First off, i really enjoyed it. it was a good movie, and I have a great time watching it, in 2d.

    Of course there were things that annoyed me, like the fact that they decided to not use any of the humor from the book but instead to write their own comedy bits. Sometimes it worked, like basically everything with Neville, but other times is was funny, but inappropriate. Like Voldemort being a bad hugger? The dark lord would never go for the hug. give me a break.

    The Snape stuff was all bomb. I loved his face when he was fighting Mcgonagall, trying to look believable but not hurt her. and how he directed her spells to the two death eaters behind him, all genius. and obvi crying over Lily was amazing.

    I wish there had been a little more with the side characters, especially because it was pretty short, and no one would have minded a few more minutes, if it meant Percy got to come back and we saw Fred die laughing, but that's just me. I still cried with Ron over Fred and when harry told Lupin he was sad he died so son after the afore-NEVER-mentioned son.

    Also I would have liked the epilogue to have a little more dialogue. in fact the whole movie was low on dialogue. but get those kids all talking to each other and giggling and Ron's amazing line "They're looking at me, I'm incredibly famous."

    don't get me wrong, i really loved it. i'm just saying...


  6. av i agree with you on all your comments concerning the fault of the movie.
    i feel like i went in to the theatre thinking it would be awe-inspring, amazing, but the 3d gave me a headache and none of the classic character development and banter was really existent.

    i cannot BELIEVE they didn't show fred; just that shot with him lying on the ground with a death eater over him, let's be serious. didn't they also use a ton of fireworks in the battle? i haven't read them in a while.

    the malfoy hug was hilarious, but wildly inappropriate within the context of the situation.

  7. Without a doubt the best of the 8 movies by far, just to get that out of the way

    First and most importantly, the core 3 nailed it. Harry was amazing, especially at times when he had to rise up and become the leader, i.e; his scene with Griphook, his scene with Aberforth, etc. Ron was great but Ron is always great, wish he had more lines. He defs had the funniest line of the movie, "Harry talks in his sleep." (though I agree with av that there should have been more of the dialogue from the book) And lastly Hermione pulled it off, finally!

    They absolutely should have showed Fred's death. I mean, they had a quick twin scene right before the fight, then they showed the 3 running through the castle after the room of requirement, thats when it happens, all they needed was to pan over at one point, kinda lame.

    Harry in the woods with his family is where I lost it, also Snape holding Lily.

    Mouthoil was definitely the weirdest looking old guy, the rest were good enough, again I agree with av, it would have been a great time for some actual dialogue, give Ron another great laugh to close out the movie

    I'm excited to see it again


  8. loved it. they did a great job.


    -alan rickman was OUTSTANDING as snape. just amazing. the flashbacks were done perfectly, they could have easily turned out cheesy but alan rickman held it down.

    -mr. gambon FINALLY played dumbledore correctly. seriously, that scence w/ harry in kings cross was the first time he conveyed dumbledore's warmth & cooky-ness in the right manner. why'd he have wait till the very last movie to nail it?

    -loved belatrix playing hermione playing belatrix

    -really liked the addition of ron & hermione's scene in the chamber of secrets. we never saw that in the book, and it was fun to see & made sense to move their kiss there.


    -PISSED they cut percy's reunion & fred's laughing death.

    -voldy hug humor was totally misplaced. sigh. i agree with alice-- rowling writes GREAT humor into the books, why not capitalize on it?

    -was missing that overwhelming instant when harry is in the room of requirement and looks around in dispair, worried they're outnumbered, then EVERYONE from his past (& the past 6 books) pours out from the hogsmeade tunnel. im talking the old quiddich team (olver wood!), PERCY, the weasleys... i remember it being such an emotional moment. and they didn't quite hit on it in the movie. would have been SO easy to bring back more familiar faces from the earlier movies.

    i got more but thats it for now. could def see it again

  9. I just saw it tonight. And I hope people still comment on this thread...worried about that a little. I know I was slow to see it but shit guy, cut me a break, I needed one more weekend.

    Let me start by saying this: I often watch re-runs of shows like The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World and Dougie Houser, MD. And I always remark on how the hell these producers somehow KNOW that these kids will grow up and not be awkward looking and will also be killer actors. How do they KNOW when they see cherub faced baby Kevin Arnold that he'll still be likeable 8 seasons from now? This being said...


    How did they know that pudgy little Neville will grow up to be lanky, yet handsome and comical?


    - Loved Bella-moine (Hermiatrix?) Her walk was perfect.

    - The dragon's wings were like PAPER. Beautiful scene. And totally another badass way to exit a building. LOL The chandelier.

    - How is Percy pretty much COMPLETELY forgotten about in the films? Its such an emotional component to the books because he's a Weasley, and he sucks. How can this be, you ask? Well, JK knows what shes doing so her.

    - Luna needed to grab Neville's hand or some shit the morning after. I think the guy deserves some hand holding for God's sake.

    - Vulnerable Voldemort was done SO well. He nailed being off the wall/batshit nervous.

    - Kings Cross looked EXACTLY as I imagined it. But did he ask about the Patronus at Kings Cross? It seemed like another "fucking duh Harry" thing towards the end of every film.

    - If magic is real, please let me learn some. Just. Seamless.

    - Cried my EYES OUT as the teachers and defenders of Hogwarts protected the castle with the scrim. Ugh. Love is power.

    - Snape was a brave dude with a tortured soul. Done SO WELL. Him and Baby Harry crying in Godric's Hollow put me over the edge.

    - As did Hermione's whimpering "I'll go with you." when Harry leaves for the forest.

    Give this group some Academy Awards already for crying out loud. Seriously.

    - fp

    oh and p.s. WTF? That hug was hysterical but so ill-placed.


  10. im totally still with you fisti.

    just remembered something that pissed me off:

    when harry is saying bye to ron & hermione before he walks into the forest, hermione gives him a hug and then rons just like "eh, im alright." . . . . couldn't we have gotten a bro-hug in there?! HARRY & RON ARE BEST FRIENDS. if your best friend tells you hes about to die, you dont avoid eye contact and slump in the background. just sayin.

  11. I agree Izzy, in the movies Hermione and Harry just have better chemistry than Ron and Harry, so they are constantly giving Herm all the bff stuff and it's like give Rupert and Daniel a chance to be friends, assholes! I'm sure they'd be great at man-hugging.

    I was kind of bummed he saw them before he went into the forest. I liked in the books how the only person he let see him walk away was Neville, so he could tell Neville to kill the snake. But he had to walk by Ginny all invisible and he couldn't even see H&R. But he was strong enough to do it alone. That's kind of important.

    But for real, I liked the movie. JV asked me if I hated it after my last comment. I really enjoyed it.