Thursday, September 29

Ryan Gosling gives Clooney a wet willy and other great gifs

At the Ides of March Premiere.
Face he made when his name is announced at Golden Globes.
Great scene in Remember the Titans.

Also if you aren't watching Parks and Recreation yet, allow me to try to convince you once again, with this delight:

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Monday, September 26

Michael Myers, the artist

I was on Pinterest. I came accross Daniel Alarcon Jr. He had just posted a tattoo, Pinterest is awesome for looking at tattoos, and I loved the board. Checking out his other boards I saw that he had one dedicated to posters. My favorite was the minimalist The Flash poster. Some internet detectiving later I learned Michael Myers the artist had created the Flash poster.

I also learned that Michael Myers the artist is really awesome. He made animated versions of the LOST characters, AMAZING. Also awesome Zach Galifianakis as a zombie. And the best Star Wars posters ever. He even gives Lex Luthor a poster.


Poster Enthusiast
Internet Detective

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Friday, September 23

How I Feel About Hugh Jackman

I like Hugh Jackman. His appearance on Inside the Actors Studio where he explains how he learned to sing, the time that he nailed his face on a building because his zipline wouldn't stop, and swordfish make me like him. The Wolverine movie wasn't his fault, obviously they should have taken any time period from the amazing montage and made THAT movie instead of the Gambit is horribly miscast and why does Sabertooth look like that mess they made. Kate and Leopold is an amazing movie. Real Steel, it looks bad. I will not be seeing it until its on TBS on a Saturday early afternoon. Besides the best part of Real Steel already happened anyways. Hugh Jackman went on WWE RAW to promote it and punched a wrestler right in the face. The punch doesn't look like a standard wrestling punch, he doesn't stomp his foot at all, and it turns out he might have broke the wrestler's jaw.

The best part is that for his wrestling costume Hugh Jackman definitely went with what he was wearing plus a turquoise bandanna.

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YO, okay. Maybe I was out of the loop. Maybe you're also out of the loop.

Did anyone else know this was actually happening?

NEWSIES: The Musical??!?!

Welp, a friend of mine just went to see it and said it was outstanding, but that the story is a little different. Its at this community theater in NJ which is essentially professional. (Its a community theater where only equity actors can perform or work the show...yannow?) Now, considering the names attached to this show (Alan Menken, Harvey Fierstein) and the fact that its at this particular theater means its going to Broadway. The Paper Mill Playhouse used to be where I took tap dancing classes, but now its been the minor leagues that develop shows like Mary Poppins and Spiderman.

So, here's the cast performing on the View. Cant wait to buy my tickets while they're still only $25.

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Jonah Hill has Beef with Mr. Schu

Jonah Hill is kind of on a roll right now. He's super skinny, and loving it. He has a movie coming out this weekend with definite Oscar potential (I'm seeing it in the next 30 hours, if you're interested), not to mention Brad Pitt. He's starring in his own movie later this fall that looks hilarious. And he is still wicked funny.

Oh, afraid he's not funny, because he's skinny? Wrong. See below. Watch both parts. Try not to choke on your laughter like JV did.

The first 4 minutes are also funny, like getting faked out on a Randy Jackson hug. But if you want just the beef go straight to the 4th minute.

Second half, only gets funnier. This is when he really gets mad.

"Yo Matthew Morrison, you better bring your shit next time I see you, dude. I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one."

Let's hope when these two finally meet up, Ryan Gosling is there to stop the fight.

Celebrity Feud Fan

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Thursday, September 22

Justin Timberlake...and Kim Jong-Il?

A friend recently introduced me to these two bad boys:

Justin Timberlake Does Things


Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Both of which, although short, are hilarious.



Poor Justin Timberlake

Found this video through Today's Big Thing-which everyone should check out.
Poor Justin:

Here's a great interview with Justin in Playboy magazine that I read thanks to ED.

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Wednesday, September 21

Troy Davis Execution Delayed Temporarily (UPDATED)

(11:18 PM 9/21/11) Media witnesses report that Troy Davis' last words maintained his innocence. 

(11:15 PM 9/21/11) Troy Davis Pronounced dead at 11:08 PM EST on September 21, 2011 after a lethal execution.

(10:33 PM 9/21/11) Update: The Supreme Court has refused to block the execution. Not one justice dissented. No explanation was offered, just that the application was denied. It is unknown as of now when the execution will take place, possibly with in the hour. 

(7:30 PM 9/21/11) Breaking news: The Supreme Court have delayed the execution of Troy Davis while they review the case and consider a stay of execution.

Davis was scheduled for execution at 7:00 pm, local time in Jackson, Georgia, and we are just now learning that it has been delayed. There is no official word on how long the delay will be or if a stay will be granted.

Check out Democracy Now! for streaming coverage or @democracynow for up to date accurate news on the fight for Troy Davis.

This is still developing, the stay may be a reprieve, but for now, Troy Davis is still alive.


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Tuesday, September 20

Troy Davis

Troy Davis was denied clemency today and is set to be executed on September 21st on the basis of 9 eyewitnesses, 7 of which have been recanted or changed.

Please sign


Saturday, September 17

Nala Sexy Face

Today myself and a few others saw The Lion King 3D in theaters and it was amazing (obviously). One part that stuck out as hilarious and kind of awkward was when Nala put on her sexy face during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

One Google search later, turns out there is an entire community dedicated to Nala and "the LOOK." They call themselves Nalaholics. The internet never ceases to amaze me.

- ID, Senior Animated Lion Interpreter

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Friday, September 16

The Man in Black Project

Always always always been a big Johnny Cash fan. So, the fact that I had to learn about this from one of those (deeply moving) Google Chrome ads made me embarassed.

Johnny Cash's last recorded studio album had this outstanding song Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down (how fuckin BOSS is that title?) and he died before any video could be made for it. So, a group of genius fans decided to keep his spirit alive by making it a fan-created video of shots of older videos. Each frame of the video can be downloaded as a picture and you can contribute by drawing YOUR VERSION of the still frame. Its added to an archive, and your frame becomes part of the video as it plays.

Millions have contributed and what that means is that when you hit play, you never watch the same vid twice.  If you click the link right now, you can be a part of his video.

(this blows my mind berries EVERYTIME)

Check it out and for God's sake CONTRIBUTE!

Yours in badassity,

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Thursday, September 15

Happy Birthday Harry

Woo! Today is Prince Harry's birthday. He is 27. In other exciting British news; David Beckham looks great on a motorcycle and Amy Winehouse's final video is out.

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Wednesday, September 14

The Radio

I love this song. I heard it at work. We have a radio going all day, until I turn it off near the end of the day and its glorious. I usually turn it on in the morning to kiss108 and then the channel gets changed each time someone is close enough to the knob for the rest of the day. It keeps it lively and I still get to hear rolling in the deep a few times a day. Everyday I'll hear an awesome song like secret agent man, or turn the page, or runaway and silently thank The Radio for the next 4 minutes of not paying attention I'll be doing. Recently this song came on. It was love from the beginning. Its "upside down" by Diana Ross and shes killing it. The lyrics get a little weird in the verses. You won't notice until the fifth time you're listening to it and thinking about how cool Disco probably was.

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Monday, September 12

Queen Madge hates Hydrangeas, ok?!

Divas usually make their mark with outlandish clothes, hair, shoes and behavior. Once established that behavior or look eventually becomes ordinary to us. At this point Gaga wearing pants is more interesting than Gaga naked. And this may not be the moment to say this, but I was completely captivated by Lady Gaga's performance at the VMAs monologue included. If you haven't watched it, get on it now, because that is commitment to a performance and she is absolutely a genius.

That being said it's kind of refreshing to see Madonna using her status as a queen diva by doing something rude and having people love it. For example, whispering in a fake British accent about hating the kind of flowers some fan just gave you, next to a microphone.

And then, after getting a lot of press about this, she posted an apology. Or did she?

That's my girl.

Also, another way to be a diva: Stand still and bring the house down. Observe:

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music, Adele

Diva Liaison

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Hidden Talents

There is a teacher at my high school from Europe. She teaches French. Her name is France.

(I woulda inserted a thumbnail of her here, but I don't have one)

One of the most interesting things about this woman is her incredible hidden talent. So, yea she's foreign and glamorous and speaks French, which I think is a big enough deal. But, she's also an incredible artist. She's serious about it too, and sells her stuff on etsy. She's got a real thing for drawing cars.

Here's a picture she made of my dog. ON HER IPHONE.
(made on a fuckin' iPhone)

(her daughter's view from the potty)

(a girl from her class)

Her blog is called wagonized (not sure why), but I think she's pretty great. It amazes me that she's not teaching art. So, I started to wonder...what hidden talents do other people have? Does that cop have an outstanding voice? Or is this bank teller a good breakdancer? You never know.

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Sunday, September 11

Where Were You?

I was in Mr Carpenter's math class. And after the initial loudspeaker announcement we really didn't talk about it anymore, so I absolutely did not understand what was going on, until later in Ms. Gutteridge's gym class and that was probably when I heard about the Pentagon and the other plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.Then after lunch there were enough TVs on that you could be watching the news. And then we went home and watched the news. It was definitely a little scary.  I remember that KISS 108 didnt play any music that day just more news.

Where were you?

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I love when art can blow you away, make you wicked jealous, and totally inspired all at once.  TIMBER! was created by artist Chad Eaton in 2006. Each new piece builds on the works created before it enriching a larger TIMBER! story about the life of a lumberjack and their dealing with bosses life in the woods and occasionally Bigfoot. This is the first one I saw, its also my favorite.

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Tuesday, September 6

Short Funny Clips

Goalie Tastes Ball

Startled Student Reacts

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Monday, September 5


This just in.

After ENDLESS searching, and ONE question to a friend who magically sent the link straightaway,

Here it is.

for those of you who can't watch the video, here's a preview of what you'll see:

first and foremost.

appropriate dancing

innapropriate dancing.

my middle name is danger.

that's actually a problem?


and they bring it home with some quasimodo breakdancing.

enjoy, and always dance appropriately at our school dances. thank you.


Saturday, September 3

Make Your Own Any Color Chalkboard

I've been on a DIY tear thanks to Pinterest, which, for real, if you haven't joined I'll have a hard time having a conversation with you. It's been awesome making sweet stuff every day. Some things have worked out (watch for homemade lip gloss and delicious risotto tutorials on EdZachery) and some have not (alas, that lace headband did not stay on my head). And it's time to share with you lazy, non-pinning bastards, because I love you.

Yes, that is a yellow chalkboard.
Guess what, you can make chalkboard paint in ANY COLOR! I'm talking any paint you have on hand, readily available, in the rainbow tone of your choice can turn ANY SURFACE into a straight up chalkboard. FOR REAL. ok, enough excitement, let's do this shit.

Step one. Pick your paint.
It should be an appropriate paint for the surface, probably and I doubt you could find a way to make spray paint work. But other than that, any paint. 

Step two. Gather the other supplies.
A) Un-sanded tile grout. You can find it in any hardware store and maybe other places, I got mine at Ace. It cost three dollars and I'll be able to make tons and tons of batches of chalkboard paint. You can borrow mine.
B) Something to mix it all up in, I used a mason jar as they have handy measuring cup lines.
C) A paint brush. I used a mini roller brush, but I'm pretty sure whatever painting implement you have around the house will work.
D)Stirrer. If you have a paint stirrer wooden stick thing, AWESOME. But if not, use anything you don't mind ruining that is appropriate..
E) Something to paint. The possibilities are endless. Cardboard, wall, cabinet door, trashcan. Go nuts.
That's it.

Step three. Mix it up.
Pour one (1) cup of paint into your container. Put in two (2) tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout into your container. Stir. Try to get the clumps broken up, this is not pancake mix, lumps are bad. They make clumps of un-colorful chalkboard. Bad.

Step Four. Paint.
Paint it on. I did two coats. Live your life the way you choose.

 Step Five. Prime the board.
Once the paint is completely dry, rub a piece of chalk all over the board, getting a thin layer of chalk everywhere. Wipe this off with damp cloth.

Step Six. You now own a super colorful awesome chalkboard.
If you don't know what to do now, I'm not friends with you. 


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