Wednesday, May 18

First Look at Katniss

First of all, if you haven't read the Hunger Games Trilogy, get on it.  I gave my copy of the first book to BK eighteen months ago and I haven't seen it since because it's been handed off to at least 10 people since then, everyone loved it, and it's still being passes around.. 

Second, I'm nervous about the movie. But seeing this picture of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss makes me a little less nervous.

Even though i always pictured our MC as Katniss, this chick is working it. Hopefully they can work a miracle on that Peeta wannabe and he'll look more like Hunter Parish.


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  1. she looks fantastic. i am so pumped, i LOVED this series.

  2. also, Woody Harrelson is Haymitch and Stanley Tucci is Caesar Flickerman=WIN.

  3. she looks GOOD!! im with you on the hunter parish thing. grr. and im so down with the two casting choices lucy mentioned.

    alice, i have your copy of hunger games back at the house! my sister read it during our cruise so the books been to europe and back. obvs shes addicted and pissed that i didnt bring catching fire for her too.