Tuesday, May 10

Sourcemap: Fascinating and Slightly Unsettling

Sourcemap is all about helping people find out where products come from, and what exactly they contain.

You can browse existing sourcemaps or create your own. Maps also display a given product’s carbon footprint… which is a cool feature, but personally I have NO idea what 0.14 kg CO2e for a bottle of Fiji water means. Relatively good? Bad?

But the site is definitely worth checking out. It’s pretty interesting to see exactly what you’re consuming when snacking on an AriZona Arnold Palmer Iced Tea and some Oreos. It slightly horrified me to find out that my favorite 99¢ beverage is sweetened using Splenda, and that Oreo cookies are manufactured in Indonesia using palm oil from Malaysia.

Sourcemap also breaks down an iPhone 3GS and Domino’s Pizza

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