Sunday, May 15

Goldeneye Spawn Patterns: Stack

Stack was the third level that I learned the spawn pattern to. Like before the top of the screen is the hunter and the bottom is the hunted. As long as you do not stand too close to where the person you are playing is going to spawn next the pattern will go on without a hitch. If you are too close your opponent will skip onto the next spawn point in the pattern.

 Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


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  1. Thanks for this--I know some of spawn orders (especially stack), but I got curious if the others were posted online. People pick up on the fact that I know the one, but they'll soon learn to fear more! But, in four player, these are not always that relevant, what with so many people dying constantly. Still: very useful. Goldeneye forever!