Tuesday, May 17


Alright folks, It's time to get rid of your electric guitars and drum kits.  The Future of Music is here.

So the other day I was watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice starring Nick Cage and although THAT is a story in an of itself, I want to focus on something cool I learned from seeing that movie:


Now I had always been aware of this fact but it took seeing a scene in The Sorcerers Apprentice where the main non-Nick Cage character woos his sweetheart in a metal cage while Tesla Coils send serpent lightning arcing around the entire impossibly bohemian New York City underground lab space causing the sheer force of the vibrations generated by the currents of electricity to play the notes to a cheesy emo song to make me realize that science is truly magic as well.  And that i watch too many Netflix.

The point is; Here's a video of some dude playing the Dr. Who Theme Song Using Tesla Coils, followed by a performance where he channels Zeus to rock our socks off.


-Eroc Ramm


  1. when i was 10 a magician came into my class and asked us, “why is it that people say there is no such thing as 'real magic'? they say that if it can be explained by science, it cant be magic. but in reality the magic they speak of is 'unreal magic', the only real magic IS science.”

    i think that guy was a pedophile because he mind f’d the shit out of me.


  2. sd, you are the greatest.