Sunday, May 1

Seth Meyers destroys Donald Trump

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Comedy has become a huge force in the political discussion, which is probably why Seth Meyers, Head Writer at SNL and host of Weekend Update, was asked to give a speech at this year's White House Correspondent's Dinner. The 20 minute speech has a lot of great jokes and insights about the current political landscape and the media that cover it.

But the best part is when he rips into Donald Trump's bid for Republican candidacy. The jokes are decent, but what's better are the quick cuts to the table Trump is sitting at. Trump looks like he's been turned into an unhappy stone statue of a bald man in a tupee, and the people right next to him look unamused. But the people who have even just a one person buffer are covering their entire faces to hide the body shaking laughter.

Also terrific is the part of the speech when Seth talks about how much Obama of today would love Obama of 2008. Obama at least can laugh and smile while being mocked. Though it's pretty clear, Obama's favorite joke is "Donald Trump say he has an excellent relationship with the blacks, but unless the Blacks are a family of white people, I bet he's mistaken."

Let's hope Seth Meyers and the other political satirists can keep Trump out of the running, because if he's elected JV and I have promised each other we'll move to Canada. So unless you want to visit us in Prince Edward Island, vote for anyone but Trump.



  1. It's kind of uncomfortable to watch him just sit there without flinching. And that tupee, dear lord!


  2. i would LOVE to visit prince edward island. its pretty much my dream, for obvious reasons.