Tuesday, May 3

Bikes Bikes Bikes

           Now that there isn't snow, ice, and five months worth of sand on the streets, I've been riding my bike a lot more. Riding my bike is pretty much my favorite thing to do ever. Its fun, its great exercise, and since I live in a city, its literally the fastest way to travel. The only downside (besides the fact that I'm in a city and not out riding my bike ANYWHERE else) is that it can get a little dicey sometimes. There's cars, people, red lights, other bikers, and sometimes they like to switch the bike lane to the other side of the road (where comm ave intersects mass ave, anyone!?) not to mention Boston roads aren't the greatest.
           So, for all of these reasons and above I begrudgingly support the wearing of all helmets whilst riding a bike in the city. It sucks, I know it sucks, they mess up your hair, make you sweat more, and they look dumb, BUT its just worth it. And when all the cool kids at school make fun of you for wearing a helmet you can show them these videos of wicked extreme biking (and they're all protecting their cabezas!) 


ps - this is funny almost immediately. and lastly, a big EGG

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  1. fantastic brett--"dark, rich yolks!"

    could not believe the chile race...