Thursday, May 5

all about those pearly whites

It's spring. Skies are blue-ing, birds are cooing, and ghostly pale legs are showing their skins.

Let's face it, love is in the air and not only that, but something else too. Anyone else feel like they're smiling a whole lot more? Sunshine and smiles must have a direct correlation, in my well-studied mathematical opinion (ha! yeah right!).

This got me to thinking about smiles, and about excellent smiles, and about INCREDIBLE smiles.

First to come to my head were my older brothers, because when they smile they look like different people, like a new gentle face spreads from the upward lift of the mouth. And then of course, the guys I've dated- chocolate eyes smile, little boy sparkly blue-eyed smile, and eyes-that-disappear-but-he-wasn't-asian smile. But there's also wide-grin smiles (think Julia Roberts) and dimply smiles (heya EvD) to not forget about. Basically, smiles are about as unique and varied as eyes.

So can we all post our favorite smiles, with possibly a picture?

The first ones to come to my mind:

Heath Leger-crinkly mouth AND eyes. plus he can have a sneaky, trickster glint in his eyes too.

and for a girl: it was hard to find a picture that captures the Zooey smile I like best (not to sound stalker/creepy but it's true) which is the little girl, kind of awkward smile that you see a lot in (500) Days of Summer and Yes, Man. She closes her eyes a bit when she does it. This is close.

also, anyone in need of excellent snack combos: my fav right now is to get a 4 pack of cheesey rolls/biscuit things and chocolate milk=perfect afternoon snack, goes well outside with a good read.

also, my birthday is in a week and I realized that I haven't had a rootbeer float in at least the 8 months I've been in Europe. I have successfully located rootbeer in one store in Vienna and will be making rootbeer floats in only 8 days. Any other birthday snack suggestions? We're having a picnic and the only plan (so far) is to drink beer all day (it's my 21st) and go out dancing.

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  1. this is one of my favorite smiley pics of all time.


  2. Obvs, heath's smile is my favorite. James franco has a smililarly crinkly face in smile as well.

    But i also love a good smirk/half smile.
    exhibit A:


  3. Seeing people smile can make our days sunny. And I am totally in love with Zooey's smile. It's just so unique and sweet, and she looks a lot like my girlfriend. =)