Tuesday, April 12

I am excited for Scream 4

I am too much of a wuss to really dig horror movies. I remember watching the first Halloween at my dad's house in the middle of the day with the lights on and being terrified. Anaconda scares me to even think about, right now I am a little scared. And if you are really looking to not be able to fall asleep or look at Ronald McDonald for a little bit you should see IT. I quit scary movies after seeing Section 9 though, that shit is too scary. Props to The Horror Digest for being able to do it, I am too much of a wuss.

I am excited about Scream 4 though. I have seen all the other ones and don't have any lingering "omgimsoscared" moments. I really enjoyed them more then anything. And Scream 2 inspired me to sing a partridge family song to my girlfriend in 8th grade in the cafeteria the day before she moved away. Scream 4 comes out on Friday and while I might not see it this weekend when I do I'm sure I will love it.

I had plans to put links in to the trailers for all those movies I had mentioned before, I got too freaked out just searching for them I only got as far as the first Halloween.

Also I just saw the first bit of footage from the new Planet of the Apes movie, I'm excited for that too.



  1. that ape is sure thinking about something.

    I am so excited for Scream 4. I've seen all the other ones and they are pretty much the only scary movies I can handle even though I was really scared to/still kinda freaked out sometimes to do all these things in no particular order because of the Scream movies:

    1) Go to a public bathroom alone
    2) Be in a garage with a garage door/doogie door in the garage door.
    3)Be in a movie theater during a scary movie
    4) Drive a car at night because sometimes the a guy might sneak up and hide under your car and then crawl up and get you while your driving.
    5) Drive a car at night because someone might be in your backseat waiting to pop up and attack you.

    I guess I'm kinda a little bit of a scared person.

    There's another list for I Know What You Did Last Summer.

  2. If someone was ever hiding on me in my backseat they would haveto kill me id just have a heart attack