Thursday, April 28

End of a Generation Defining Era

This might get personal.

I don't think I'm alone when I try, and fail, to describe what a massive place the wizarding world of Harry Potter holds in my heart. I was 11 when I first read the first book (the same age as Harry) and now at age 23, I still own all the books, card games, board games, calendars, and can still have a three hour long discussion about the analyzation of literature, plot devices, and every character from Ron to Madam Pomfrey, without blinking a eye.

Going off AV's most recent post, it will be 9 and a half years almost to the day when the first movie was released. I remember anticipating the first trailer and spending three hours downloading off AOL 4.0. Then losing my mind with giddiness after seeing it.

I can honestly say nothing has changed with this most recent trailer. I invite you to watch the trailer for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, then watch the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 back to back. I can guarantee any fan, including myself, will (and did) get choked up at the recognition that this series is an era that spans more than half of our lives and will continue with us for the rest of them. 

And I don't think anyone expects the series to go out with anything less then a hullabaloo that would make Fred, George, and Peeves proud.

July 15 can not come soon enough. Let's all go see it in IMAX.



  1. I think we have to wear costumes.

  2. It will be hard, and by that u obvs mean awesome, I think we should marathon through the first seven movies before we see this one, or right after the last one comes out on video