Friday, April 15

Here's to Motown!

A friend of mine was throwing around ideas for musicals that she'd like to direct next year and she mentioned Hairspray. She knew nothing about the show and was on the fence until I showed her this:

Which has to be one of the most high-energy songs in a Broadway show I can remember. Absolutely ballin' dancing. And not for nothing, but try NOT to hum it later on.

So, here's a toast to Mo-Town beats, the unsung hero of most good parties. It endures (even my HSers love Frankie Valli and the Temptations) but no one ever acknowledges it as a great way to pump up many generations at one time.


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  1. i LOOOVE hairspray.and this song. the dancing is great. i also love the final song "can't stop the beat."

    happen to enjoy zac efron as well... and did you know matthew morrison/glee's mr. schu was the original link (efrons character) on broadway?

    mmhm.and finally: john waters, who created the original hairspray movie that the musical was based on, lives in ptown on the cape. he hitch hikes into truro and hangs out on the beach where my dad lives. he had a cameo in the new movie as a flasher in the opening number.

    gotta see the original. i hear it's hilarious, though sadly without sing/dance numbers