Monday, April 4

Team White Queen

I am very excited for the new X-Men movie. I loved the cartoon and recently came across what seems to be all of X-Men Evolution on YouTube. My love of X-Men defs started with the playing cards. They were the shit, they had cool on the beach cards, halloween cards, and the card that probably kept me interested in X-Men when I could have begun having other interests; the White Queen.

In the new X-Men movie the White Queen, or Emma Frost, will be played by the awesome January Jones who I loved in Pirate Radio. I think the casting agent nailed it. And James McAvoy as Prof. X, nailed it. The movie comes out June 3rd and I am wicked excited.



  1. wow there are so many good looking movies with good looking people coming out this summer. I can't wait to see all of them.