Monday, April 4

5 Fav Actors

I had a discussion on set with a coworker last week about what can qualify someone as being a great actor. There are many different parameters and exclusively deciding on the particulars, as we concluded, usually comes down to opinion.

SO, just for the hell of it, seeing as this is a completely subjective question, I'd like to see who everyones favorite top five actors are. If you are an avid TV or movie watcher, this changes constantly, so just list your current favorites in the comment section.

Coming up soon, I will ask who the top five favorite actresses are, so prepare for that as well. JV's post about "Inside the Actors Studio" led to my thinking of this, as I think it was one of the best posts yet.



  1. In no order whatsoever:

    Jeremy Renner
    Bryan Cranston
    Tom Wilkinson
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Edward Norton


  2. in no order and with fav film as well:

    Leonardo Dicaprio (Romeo and Juliet)
    Hugh Grant (Notting Hill)
    Buster Keaton (College)
    Johnny Depp (Benny and Joon)
    Tom Hanks (Sleepless in Seattle)

    this was real hard. i'm bad at favorites.

  3. I like the addition of your favorite film of theirs too.
    Robert Downey Jr (Home for the Holidays)
    Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain)
    Leonardo Dicaprio (Romeo + Juliet)
    Christian Bale (Swing Kids or Howl's Moving Castle)
    Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real girl)

    Some Honorable TV Actor Mentions: Joshua Jackson, Adam Scott, Michael C Hall

  4. ian mcshane
    colin farrell
    edward norton (american histoy x)
    the guy who played omar on the wire
    the actor who plays kevin on the office

  5. Robert Downey Jr.
    Nathan Fillion
    Jack Black
    Geoffrey Rush
    Jackie Chan

    Hon mention/secret #1 spot- Bruce Willis (because of Fifth Element)

    For actresses, 'cuz we gotta get some lady love in here, i'd have to say:

    Mary-Louise Parker,
    Ellen Page,
    Tina Fey,
    Buffy Summers/Veronica Mars (Because Sarah Michelle Geller and Kristen Bell are sort of inter-changable as their characters in my mind. And I have to include them on this list, if not as themselves, than as their alter-egos.)
    Summer Glau

    Hon Mention/secret #1 spot- Michelle Rodriguez (for always being in movies that I'm into and for playing the same BAMF so well)


  6. In no order...

    - Leo
    - Edward norton
    - Bryan Cranston 'breaking bad'
    - Tom wilkinson
    - Ron burgundy


  7. Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo + Juliet)
    Heath Ledger (Knights Tale)
    Johnny Depp(Pirates of the Carribean ONE)
    James Franco(no movie cuz he's just pure awesome)
    Robert Downy Jr (Tropic Thunder)

    I've actually never seen most of a lot of other movies my faves were in like Brokeback Mountain, Pineapple Express, What's Eating Gilbert Grape (anyone?). Total actor themed movie marathon happening asap

  8. jill, i want to watch brokeback, pineapple express and gilbert grape (leo and johnny!) with you.