Friday, April 22

2-D glasses : the luddites cure for 3-D

I've mentioned it before, but I kind of hate 3-D. It's more expensive and it's doesn't do much for me but make me feel slow and stupid because my eyes can't keep up. Well, apparently the director of Tron:Legacy 's wife felt the same way. So he did her a solid and made 2-D glasses, that make it so you can watch a 3-D movie without getting the blur that happens when you take of your 3-D glasses.

How? Here's some science:
Normal 3-D glasses feed a slightly different image into each eye; take the glasses off and all you see is a blur. With the 2-D glasses, both eyes get the same image: No 3-D effect, and no blur.

Basically if there's a movie that's only coming out in 3-D (ahem, Harry Potter 7 Part 2), you can wear these glasses and, boom, no 3-D, no headache. Or you can give yourself a break from the 3-D part way through and go back to 3-D when it's worth it.

The downside is that you're still paying for a 3-D movie, so you're not saving any money. But for $9.99 it might be worth it, cause summer blockbuster season is right around the corner. And nausea really takes the fun out of it.


p.s. The new X-Men trailer is even sweeter than the original. Watch it here

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  1. I can not wait for xmen. Summer movies are the best. 3d sucks