Wednesday, April 6

Song of the Week

Everyone do yourself a favor and download Lou Bega's "Mambo Mambo"

Sometimes you just want to listen to latin music but it can be so hard! You can try to find that random spanish channel on your AM radio but it might be hours before you catch a song you can get down with. That's one hour of listening to sub par music in a language you can't understand.

This is your best alternative. If you are going to be driving somewhere, walking somewhere, doing work, having a dance party, or cooking spaghetti this week then just download this song and listen to it while you do your thing and trust me you will not regret it. If the song doesn't make your smile then I'm not sure why you read this blog. And while you're at it listen to Mambo #5 too- it's pretty much solid gold.


How can you say no to this face?

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