Wednesday, April 27

Speed Read Harry Potter

Just stumbled across some totally sweet cartoons by Lucy Knisley. She is super funny and talented, but I got quickly side tacked by her 1-frame Harry Potter summaries. She has one for each book and they're pretty great.

Here's my favorite HP book in one hilarious frame. Check it out in full size and see the rest here.
 Also she re-imagined Harry Potter as a late 80s movie/early 90s tv show. Saved by the Spell or Accio to the Future. Here's a clip of that.

I'm anticipating a slew of Harry Potter related madness in the coming months til part2 comes out.


p.s. here is a even newer even sweeter X Men trailer

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE those posters! genius.

    ha. accio to the future, with christopher lloyd as dumbledore= also genius.