Sunday, February 6

Viennese Modern Art

I finally went into the Vienna Modern Art Museum, because I had a coupon for a free poster. I didnt end up getting the poster because I was supposed to pay full price (got 2,50 euro reduction for being a student, but it didn't matter, because my university pays me back for cultural activities so I could have paid full price. If this were America and not a country with a stick up its ass I would have gotton the god damn poster.)

And actually, the entire museum was really really enjoyable. The works came mostly from 1920s-1970s and then there was an exhibit of American "hyper real" works that were the temp exhibit. I loved it, defs going back and paying full price to get my freaking poster too. I might even demand two.
This series of collages/mixed media works were my favorites.The artist was inspired by a trip to Berlin where he slept in a hotel where in his room one of the walls was part of the Berlin wall, and he was singing the German Requiem by Brahms in a choir at the time as well. He uses bits of cut out newspapers as well as photos and pointilism to illustrate the quotes in a sweet and sad way. I can decide which is my favorite, they are all so beautiful.

something to which/something to which you can give no name/longing for this longing/love alone,

a sound came/ sadness was given up

yes in the café twice -/ once yes in the restaurant/ he had heard of the hotel mysteries/in the restau/A figure clothed in a suit of light

There was a large inviting/ another human creature is resolved to continue life/or

"Go on, pigeons flutter."/ adoration is striking twelve."/the heavens are open

on the borders of the shadow/Western Europe -/ walls looked down on it, towers and guard rooms,/examine some pieces of the wall
also, cute asian boy singing pretty that is driving one of the asian chicks in my a cappella group insane:



  1. i was totes ready to look up this museum on, shoutout to jmn for tweeting me about it, are these photos or painted?

  2. they are painted! they are technically collages, they use some pictures from newspapers and such, but then he painted all over them and printed the same border on each, with the german words.