Thursday, February 3

HP Lasergrandpa

 This is completely random, but the other day I was walking down a street in my neighborhood (I'm currently in Vienna, Austria for those of you who are new to the thread) to get to the fresh produce market around the corner, and I peered into a window and saw this:

That's right, the hugest HP laserjet printer I have ever seen in my life!!! The Grand-Poppy Father of all Fathers, King of Kings of printers. It was whicked loud too. I only took a couple of pictures because I think a guy inside noticed something flashing and started walking toward my side of the room to check it out. Does that officially make me a large-printer-creepy-stalker?

Maybe. Well, guess we can no longer say that I was immune to all of the geek floating around at the Computing Helpdesk where I work back at school......


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