Tuesday, February 22

Graffiti in Amsterdam

I'm staying with Ravi Vasudevan (my old neighbor from Westford) this week at his place in Delft, which is an hour away from Amsterdam. I spent the day in the dam yesterday, and was extremely lucky to have blue sky and not 5- Celsius weather (like today...) and really loved it. What a cool city, super pretty, really chill people, awesome places to eat, and of course, after wandering around for under 5 minutes I stumbled right into a flea market. I was going to go on a free walking tour, but too many people showed up and I didn't make it into one of the groups of 30, so I just wandered around some more before hitting up the Van Gogh museum. I walked past a series of nice graffiti and felt like sharing it, since BJK posted a graffiti one a while back.

hard to see, the girls club has spokes sticking out of it too!! the boy is holding flowers, poor kid.

i like the one on the right holding the coffee maker the best

thank you, amsterdam
peace and love from delft.


  1. 23 degrees F. but there was a strong wind as well, so pretty cold. sorry for getting all metric on you, it's like the one thing about europe i strongly dislike.

  2. nope. freezing is 0 degrees in Celsius, bro (32 in F). it was probably around 15 or 20 degrees F. cold, regardless which system of temperature measurement you use.

  3. These are too cool for school.


  4. i mean to say your placement of the (-) sign. i know my english/metric conversions dawg.

  5. ahh. touché lil bro. you're a smart ass.

    glad you enjoyed it ER. I was pretty excited when I found them.