Thursday, February 17

If You Talk About It..It Will Happen

First lets learn how to do a screen shot. Start by pressing Ctrl and PrtSc as shown:

Awesome job! Now you have the screen copied. Then open it in Paint, Picassa, or whatever picture editor you use and go to town. Now to the real point of my post.

Ever accidentally send an e-mail that you didn't mean to send?

Wish you could take it back?


Well... NOW YOU CAN!!!!!

First open your gmail in a new tab,then go into your Settings and look in Labs

Here you will find AMAZING things that Gmail has hidden from you. Most important of all is the UNDO SEND lab. They're in alphabetical order. There are some other great ones like Google Calendar, Got the wrong Bob, Mail Goggles should be mandatory on all teenagers computers. There are a few other great ones, check them out.


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  1. undo send is pretty sweet and google goggles math questions is basically genius.