Friday, February 4

Red Line Update: SNAKE FOUND

I'm allowed to judge these people, right?
Remember when I posted about the 3 ft snake named Penelope that some crazy lady lost on the Red Line train in Boston last month? They found it. IN THE T. IT WAS HIDING FOR WEEKS. seriously.

Thankfully the person who found it was a snake owner themselves [eek] and they weren't afraid of picking the snake up and returning it to it's rightful owners.

There's also this hilarious Channel 7 News video of the happy reunion between pet and owners. The lady immediately puts the snake up to her mouth. I am judging her PRETTY hard right now.



  1. uggh. they look like snake ppl.

    That's crazy that it was on the T that long, really. I'm shocked/ disappointed something crazy didn't happen.


  2. omg, we need a new post soon, i can't be seeing that pic every time i come to the blog.

  3. i had to sheild my eyes from the pic with a hand in front of the screen. the lady who brought that snake on the train should get the chair, twice.