Sunday, February 20

God's Gift to Women: a George Clooney Mural.

Not to be the celebrity news correspondant, but for real, this is too bizarre not to share.

Apparently George Clooney is filming some movie (deatils, AWM?) in Cinncinatti. In an attempt to get his attention and bring people to their art gallery, some muralist painted a version of the Sistene Chapel Adam and God finger touch, featuring George's face. It's weird. Particularly that it cuts off right at his business, in a way that just draws attention to it instead of down-playing it.

In this video the art gallery owner and the muralist explain the work and ask people to come down and get their picture taken underneath it.



  1. He's such a babe

  2. OK, so I've been following his Cincinnati based movie for awhile, so I know a good amount about it, and it's gonna be BOMB.

    The original title was "Farragut North" based on a 2008 play that is more or less about Howard Dean's 2008 presidential campaign (he was the guy who got overly pumped at a rally and screamed "YEEEEEE HAAAAWWW" effectively ending his chances). The title of the movie has since been changed to "Ides of March".

    The movie has been adapted from the play by Clooney and his writing partner and bestie Grant Heslov (who wrote the phenomenal Good Night and Good Luck and has been in so many movies, you've definatly seen him). Clooney is directing and staring as the 2nd lead. The original lead was going to be Chris Pine (Star Trek's Kirk) who played the role on stage in NYC, but ended up going to Ryan Gosling. Not bad.

    The rest of the cast is stacked.

    Marisa Tomei
    Evan Rachel Wood
    Max Minghella (who was great in the Social Network)

    and then three of my all time favorite actors:

    Paul Giamatti
    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Jeffrey Wright

    The film should be out sometime around December, and I highly expect Oscar worthy things from this one.


  3. Dzam that sounds like the best cast ever
    Thanks am