Friday, February 18

F*ck Yeah, Ryan Gosling

So, Ryan Gosling's the shit right? Okay.

Exploiting the fact that he's wicked hot and also the star of one of the most sob-worthy romantic films of the century, Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling takes pictures of him from photo shoots and whatnot and creates hysterical bylines for them. Some are genius, usually the ones that are holiday themed are great.


  1. i love ryan gosling, who posted this?

  2. Who else would post a blog dedicated to Ryan Gosling?

    Fisti I-Married-the-Guy-Who-Looked-Closest-To-RG-I-Could-Find Pirog

  3. mp is a buffer, awesomer, not slightly crazy ryan gosling. good work.

  4. i love this fisti. my fav is the "hey girl. thanks for the sweater. your nana rocks at knitting"