Wednesday, February 2

(jasonbate)Man, You Are Funny

So if you, like myself, were a huge fan of the cancelled Fox TV series (WHAT? Fox cancels TV shows?) Arrested Development, I have good news. If you've never heard of Arrested Development, well first, slap yourself across the face and then Netflix the crap out of that. You might still be able to find them free on MSN Video or Hulu.

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have joined forces once again and created a new kind of advertising agency called DumbDumb. They're creating these hysterical shorts that kind of infuse branding without being an overt commcercial.

Besides that, they're really funny. Above is The Prom Date, a digital short for Orbit gum. Enjoy!

 - fp


  1. i thoroughly enjoyed this. love these guys.

  2. I just went and watched all of these. I love them so so much, thank you for sharing!