Wednesday, February 9

Sexiest Baby Ever

As some of you may know, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had a baby January 22. It was released that the baby was a boy, but no name has been released.

I have been waiting impatiently to find out what the future of sexy is named and the word on the street is:

Leo Encinas Cruz

That's a pretty sexy name. It hasn't been confirmed by the parents though, so those of you pulling for Pablo or Alejandro still have a chance.

Also, how much does Javier look like AWM? So much


  1. i agree with av, javier has a striking resemblance to AWM. However, jeffrey dean morgan and javier bardem are dopplegangers. type in both their names in google and simply marvel at the identicalness.


  2. yea denny can look like javier i dont like to think of that guy too much though cuz he was defs a big part of grey's jumping the shark.

  3. ugh, grey's jumped the shark SO HARD.

    denny/jdmorgan also plays the dead dad on weeds. just for a couple flash backs in season 1.

    guess he enjoys playing dead guys...

  4. also, i REALLLY REALLY need to see vicky christina barcelona asap. its shameful that i havent.