Monday, October 3

Beef Updates: Taylor vs Kanye and Jonah vs Schu

The Kanye/Taylor Swift saga has been lovingly followed by Plus1Press, and while they've each written and performed songs about how it was a meaningful experience and there's no bad blood, did we really believe? Well, allow me to help you sleep at night. While following Taylor around to write a New Yorker ProfileLizzie Widdicombe went to the Met's Costume Gala with Swift and witnessed the following incident:

"Swift neared the top of the stairs and froze. She grabbed Erickson's sleeve in a panic: ‘Am I supposed to talk to him or not?” Standing by the door was the rapper Kanye West... Swift hesitated for a second, and then realizing that there was no time to wait for advice, continued walking up the stairs toward West. As she neared the door, he held a hand out, and they exchanged a studiedly casual “down low" high five. When it was over Swift stopped just inside the museum, looking giddy. Erickson let out a breath, and exclaimed "That wasn't bad!" Feeling my eyes on her, Swift didn’t comment on what had just happened. Instead, she said, "I’m so glad I didn’t bring a purse this year! "

High Five! or low five. either way, they coo'.

As for Jonah Hill and Matt Morrison, the beef lives on. Schuester has struck back, saying he'll meet Jonah on Jimmy Fallon and they can settle this. Ew. He did this via a video clip that Jimmy showed. I'd embed it, but it's way lamer than Jonah's real talk, and I'd rather you watch that. I'll let you know when the two come face to face. 


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