Saturday, October 29

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is probably best known for fronting the punk band Black Flag, but what I like about him is his work in spoken word. Henry has an uncanny ability to tell a story and has a very unique perspective on life, mainly being a complete workaholic but never really making any money out of it.

Recently I was looking through my Rollins collection (there's a lot) and found one about a topic that I believe we can all relate to, the Rite Aid Experience. I think he's dead on.

Words Out Loud Annalist

-ps if you like what you hear definitely check out his other stuff, like I said there's a lot and its great to listen to while driving... like on a commute.

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  1. I saw Henry Rollins interview Dinosaur Jr before a show in June. He was awesome. Someone threw a shoe at him from the crowd and he just stared back and said 'I know who you are and I'll be looking for you after the show.'

    Total badass!