Monday, October 3

The Dude Abides

Jeff Bridges is fast becoming my favorite actor. And....there it is. It just happened.

Mostly because he can play any character (the bad guy, the hero, the downtrodden) and be so diverse yet still be doing the exact same thing. And I love that thing. That he's still The Dude in every film, even when he's the bald bad guy in IronMan.

In every film I've ever seen him in, he still ends sentences with "man", gets frustrated with compound sentences, and is an overall slacker/drunkard/hippie who just wants everybody to be in a perfect utopia.

This clip explains EVERYTHING for me.

 - fp

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  1. Also his singing in Crazy Heart is awesome. You can totally understand why Maggie Gyllenhaal (first try spelling, nailed it.) would go for a guy who could be her grandpa.