Monday, October 3

Cash Cab

Sometimes when I’m running about 5-10 minutes late in the morning I take a cab to get in before 8AM (being late is not an option). Those five minutes are defs not worth the 11-13 bucks it costs me to take a cab but… you know how it is in the morning.

Anyway I knew I would do that this morning (pathetic planning) so I got ten bucks cash last night during my drunken walk home from the T.  Like I said, the cab is usually about 11-13 bucks including tip.  But I tried something I always wanted to try this morning; I offered the cabby ten bucks cash to get me there off the meter. He accepted immediately and with pleasure.

Not a huge victory but it is something I always thought of doing and it did save me like 3 bucks. I’d advise trying it next time you’re looking at a cab ride, have cash and know what the typical fare is for the ride. 

To make up for the deceiving subject line, here is some CashCab news...
-In July one of the producers of Cash Cab Canada struck and killed a 61 year old man while driving the Cab back from a shoot.
-A contestant named Sam earned the current record of $6,200

-Ben Baily the host is a MONSTER at 6 feet 6 inches
-Ben received Daytime Emmy nominations in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 for "Outstanding Game Show Host," winning in 2010 and 2011
-Ben had to pass real taxi school to become a licensed cab driver in New York City to take the job, Ben passed with flying colors.
-He was Limo Driver when he was doing stand-up before CashCab.
- Ben has been on "Law and Order SVU,", "Mad TV," as well as a recurring role on "One Life To Live." 

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  1. I've been in in a cash cab. well it wasnt the cash cab and there wasn't any money involved. but BJK once did put on a pretty good ben bailey ask and come up with some great trivia.