Tuesday, September 7

kanye and taylor one year later

The VMAs are this weekend and Kanye West recently got a twitter. These two things combined to create the wackiest burst of twittering in a long time. Saturday, Kanye sent out 70 tweets in two hours about how he shouldn't have interrupted Taylor, but also the media demonized him. Highlights including comparing himself to Ron Burgundy and the Wicked Witch of the West (he's seen Wicked four times!!!).

It's crazy. check out his twitter for the original, but for ease of reading Gizmodo edited his tweets, very faithfully, into letter form.

Apparently Taylor is not happy with this latest apology, saying he's using her name to promote his album due out soon.

But the real star of this story is the individual tweets. I can't even pick a favorite. 



  1. ALSO I heard he wrote a song that he wants her to perform at the awards this weekend but if she refuses to sing it then he will.

  2. oh man, i LOVE kanye on twitter.

    i think my favorite of the apology tweets is: "The ego is overdone... like hoodies."