Thursday, October 27

Hunger Games Character Posters

Today The Hunger Games movie released 8 posters, each featuring a profile shot of a different character. They spread them accross a bunch of websites, but I've collected them all here, for your viewing pleasure. 

 Effie is my favorite, even her nostrils are pink. Also, I'm loving that Katniss is facing a different direction than everyone else.



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  1. Haymitch looks EXACTLY as I pictured his would, minus a Mad-Eye Moody style eyeball. Effie looks great. Cinna is going to be devastating. I thought he'd have a few more subtle modifications a la Capitol to him but...he's going to break everyone's hearts, watch.

    Is it me, or does Gale least 15 years older than the rest of them? I know he's supposed to be handsome but he really looks like their older guidance counselor. I'm actually more excited to see what the sets looks like than any of this. I have an image of the Seam and the Capitol that I'm afraid will be ruined.

    Anywho, Let the Games Begin.

    - fp

  2. i was skeptical of the peeta casting, but all bleached out he looks pretty good. rue looks perfect. damn its gonna suck when she dies. i agree with fp, i want to see sets! or just the entire movie