Friday, October 7

The Magicians on TV?!

Breaking news for all fans of Lev Grossman's "The Magicians," Fox has bought a one hour drama adaptation of the book series.

This is kind of cool, because the books are so dense you could easily get two seasons out of each book. But it's kind of weird because its on Fox...and I don't know, I just didn't see this coming. I've never even considered what the characters would look like if they were being played by actors. (Confession, when I picture most characters from books while reading, they are almost always drawings of people, not real people. Is that super weird? I think it's because of Great Illustrated Classics.)

Hopefully someone can reassure me that this will be totally sweet and they won't make everything lame, and Alice will be played by an awesome person and not a terrible 16 year old that makes me want to puke. Teenage characters should be played by actors 21 and up! Did you learn nothing from Dawson's Creek, makers of TV?

Also, what is Elliot's weird facial thing going to look like? It's always so weird when they mention it in the book, because the characters are so used to it they don't notice, but on TV it will always be there.

Basically, I'm nervous. I wish there were more details, but all I can tell you is the pilot is being written by the people who wrote X-Men: First Class and Thor, which we both pretty great, so that's reassuring.

Though this fan created t-shirt featuring the Beast is pretty sweet.

Do they wear uniforms at Brakebills? I'm sort of exited to see Brakebills.

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