Monday, October 3

Arrested Development Movie is REALLY Happening, +10 new bonus eps

I'm not lying. What more of a source do you need than a tweet from Michael Bluth himself? Oh okay, here's an article that gives some more details. This has been rumored FOREVER but the idea of 10 eps leading up to the movie release is something new and I am so happy we're getting more than just a feature film out of the deal. I'm pretty sure there's no way this can suck, but I just knocked on wood for safety's sake.

-id, Senior Leather Daddy Enthusiast


  1. Read this comment by a critic: He
    " [I] will believe that an Arrested Development movie exists when I am watching the closing credits, and actually, I will probably need to check for evidence that the memories of the movie I just saw were not incepted."

    I hear they're trying to get the episodes on Showtime, a former AD producer is now head of Showtime, so it looks good. Or possibly streaming on Netflix, but everyone hates netflix right now so who knows.


  2. I really really really hope it happens. ima rewatch the series now.