Friday, March 16

Rashida is Fascinating

I just did some web research and found out some really cool facts about this woman, Rashida Jones.

First of all, Rashida is the daughter of musician Quincy Jones. WHAT? Yea. I also settled a lot of arguments with MikePirog and fonud out that she is half-black and half-white.

So, who the hell knew that she was flat haired bully Karen Scarfoli from Freaks & Geeks and never told me? Because it really blew my mind.

In 1994, when she was in private school in California, Rashida was an avid reader and a National Honor Society member. That same year, she wrote an open letter to Tupac Shakur calling him a meany for poking fun at her parent's interracial marriage. He apologized, became a friend of the family, and was engaged to her older sister when he was shot.

Rashida also graduated from Harvard, where she was an active member of her a capella group. (Seriously, who WOULDN'T accept Quincy Jones's daughter?) She was GUNNA study law but...nah.

She's dated Tobey Maguire, Mark Ronson, John Krasinki, and Jon Favreau (not THAT Jon Favreau, but Barack Obama's speechwriter with the same name. Still impressive.)

That's an unfortunate necklace.

To boot, she's pretty darn funny. I hope you enjoyed learning some cool stuff about a cool person.

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  1. That was sweet, shes super cool.

  2. "that's an unfortunate necklace" I LOL'd