Tuesday, March 20

J is for Jay, and for Leonardo DiCaprio

This just in, The Great Gatsby is being remade from its 1949 and 1974 incarnations into a feature length, color, sound, graphics, and 3d (blegh) movie.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio:
 And Carey Mulligan:

As Gatsby and Daisy respectively, this stuff looks dope.

Love from a good driver,


  1. The Carey Mulligan poster is so timeless. I can not wait for this movie.

  2. I knew a guy in college whose dad told him to carry around The Great Gatsby and to love it, because ladies and smart people love it. As I remember it, it worked out well for him as a tactic to meet cool people and find classic ladies.

    Seriously though, I can't fucking wait for this.
    - fp