Sunday, March 18

I'm On Fire

Ive been in the thick of this folksy/country/accoustic/sanger-songwriter situation for about a week now. It began when I started listening primarily to my Ryan Adams Pandora Station and letting my Power Station have a break. Through a serious of aggressive Thumbs Down I had beaten The Station back from any Rock 'n' Roll fastness and skimmed the bad singers off too. Then a band called Town Mountain, cool name, came on with a song called "I'm On Fire" and I was rewarded for my Thumbs Down and Skips with a glorious New To Me  folksy love song. Which is another problem I would run into because a lot of the times the songs would go Gloomy on me and my five commercial breaks of Work would be whisked away and I"d be back in Bad Singersville with a forecast of The Drabsy McGloomies. I had never heard "I'm On Fire" before so I did not know that it was a Bruce Springsteen song from the 80s, no matter though, Town Mountain's cover blows The Boss's out of the water. Now that I've heard Town Mountain's cover about a million times I just wish I naturally said "fire" as cool as they do, its the coolest. Enjoy.

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  1. This song is kickass. Even the album title is awesome. Heroes and Heretics? Yea, you're way fire-er than me, Town Mountain. - FP