Thursday, March 8

5th grade

'member  being in 5th grade and you saw the first person you liked? No? Yes? Well either way this song will get you feeling Hey Arnold nostalgic about the first person you liked liked.

 - sf

p.s. This above person is Jamie Lono and happens to be a contestant on The Voice.

p.p.s. If you liked the song you should check him out on YouTube and probably The Voice as well.

p.p.p.s. For those F* Chris Brown fans, don't watch the below.

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  2. Jamie Lono is my favorite to win the Voice.

    i deleted that comment above this it was me its just that sometimes this computer moves the cursor so if im not looking all of a sudden ive written half the sentence in another line, does that happen to other people? it sucks

  3. I feel ya jv. Jamie is up there for me along with Naia Kete and Pip

    - sf