Sunday, March 18

Manohar Aich

In 1952 at the age of 39 Manohar Aich won the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition. Manohar Aich, who usually goes by "Great" as in "Great" Manohar Aich, was born on St. Pat's day in 1913. "Great" was born in a remote village and began his fitness career while recovering from an illness when he was 12. "Great" grew to have a 53 inch chest and an only 23 inch waist, V shaped to the extreme. "Great" is also only 4 feet 11 inches tall. "Great" won the Mr. Universe title in 1952 after having come in second the year before and continued to finish in the top 5 for years to come bringing him well into his 40s. After retiring from competition himself "Great" went on to open gyms and become a fitness personality in India. "Great" credits his longevity with living a stress free life, and never smoking cigarettes or drinking booze.  "Great" has never met Arnold Schwarzenegger.
"Great" recently
"Great" back in the day
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