Sunday, February 5

Kim Jong-il

I know very little about Kim Jong-il and have done no further research for this post.

No one knows exactly when Kim Jong-il was born. Kim Jong-il's father was also the supreme leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-il was afraid of flying so he took trains to travel long distances. Kim Jong-il loved lobster. When Kim Jong-il died in December his body was carried through the streets in a car that had a billboard of his face ontop of it. This is the picture they used.

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  1. So check this noise. Kim Jong Il's birthday is April 15th. The only other person I know who shares the same birthday as me is Kim Jong Il. Every year North Korea celebrates Jong Il's birthday with their biggest celebration the country has. The only person who shares my birthday is (was) the emperor of a country I will never visit, and they have the biggest party of the year on my birthday and I will never see it. Ain't that a bitch!?!

    but seriously, who cries like this?